During the current COVID  19 outbreak / pandemic it has become  necessary for Freezeframe photobooths to introduce additional safety and cleaning measures within our operating guidelines to help stop and prevent the spread and risk of coronavirus.


  • Freezeframe Photobooths will arrange a call and/or email with all clients / customers 4-6 weeks prior to a booking to discuss any health and safety concerns the client may have regarding their event / booking. This may involve contacting the event coordinators / managers to ensure Freezeframe Photobooth can operate and setup in a safe manner. Notes will be made internally on our systems to location, time, any risks there may be in the venue.

  • No face-to-face consultations to occur until is safe . All consultations and meetings with customers to take place via Call or Email.

  • CFreezeframe  Photobooths attendants will take lateral flow tests before attending your event making sure they are safe to work. If Freezeframe photobooths are unable to provide an attendant due to staffing levels where self-isolation is required or unable to work - this will mean cancelling the booking with full refund of any payments.

  • On the date of the event, Freezeframe  staff will wash their hands frequently throughout the evening using alcohol sanitiser  for 20 seconds,  frequently.

Freezeframe to ensure all surfaces of equipment, all props, all photobooths are fully cleaned and sanitised prior to delivery.


• All equipment including photobooths, props, prop boxes and any other
items that will / may come into contact with guests must be deep cleaned before and after any event.


COVID-19 Health & Safety Guidelines

  • Clear entrance to photobooth to allow social distancing and reminder signage to sanitise hands and enter only in a social / family bubble; and the use of tape on the floor to remind clients / customers of social distancing.

  • Hand sanitiser provided for personal use of Freezeframe staff - and for customers and clients at the events using a pump bottle.

  • Cleaning of all props that are used each session – using a separate box for all used props to be placed to be sanitised and replaced back into the provided prop box – cleaned with antibacterial wipes / approved sprays.

  • Cleaning of all surfaces of the photobooth at  intervals to ensure clean and safe – including screens and regularly touched surfaces.

  • All Freezeframe staff to wear face coverings for the duration of the booking and during setup / dismantling. Preference of use of physical masks and face coverings as an alternative to a visor.

  • All prints to be collected from the printer by customers individually to prevent cross contamination with the tray of the printer to be sanitised at 30 minute intervals as per the guidelines above.

  • Freezeframe  staff to continually remind clients / customers / guests of the current guidelines, actively offer all people entering the booth to use sanitiser before use.

  • Preventing access to any guests to our facilities if not co-operating with the current guidelines or they pose a risk to other guests / staff.

  • Full close down of photobooth at events immediately if any practices from the venue / guests / clients at the event pose a risk to members of the public and or Freezeframe  staff as per our standard terms and conditions.


  • Freezeframe  staff to enter the venue prior to the booking to ensure safe setup and discuss with event organiser / coordinator / client to agree dedicated space to setup.

  • Use of red ropes and stanchions to cordon area of venue to setup safely removing risk of customers and members of the public entering setup area.

  • Arrive 60 minutes prior to start time to allow setup for increased social distancing.

  • Full deep cleaning of equipment before setup time using antibacterial wipes and approved sprays.


• No events / bookings to take place in any venue subject to a local lockdown where Government restrictions are in place preventing such event taking place.